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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

clk on myspase paige 2 c me w/pics and beers can

heres what im tired of, and yes im probably talking about you. i am sick of 1) mtv. 2) myspace & facebook 3) the combination of these things to give the youth of today a spoonful of corruption. the worst thing is that many students (at all levels) are making themselves into what they have learned from the movies and pop culture. dont understand? well its like some sort of detachment from the worlds happenings in that, the only things that are uccaptable are those things viewed in movies or agian, in pop cultures media machine.

i have been there, and still stuggle with it, which is probably why im writing this, because it seems that the best way that we identify with each other is through materialistic trendy pop language. ie- constant movie quotes as conversation, its like each new movie holds a new key that we need to have. i mean are there any more romantic situations, relationship querks, or jokes about sex that hollywood can come up with? what do these things have to do with WHO we are? what it comes down to i gues is that when i think about it i truly believe that i would be better off had i not been introduced to this perverted comedy that is the only comedy we have today on tv and movies.

and yes its perverted, centered completely around sex.
one good example, back in 1992 when mtv had a shard of credit, the reported most popular movies amound their viewers were, Terminator 2: Judgement Day (which won) Backdraft, Boyz N The Hood, JFK, and Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. Now mtv has in 2006- Batman Begins, King Kong, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Sin City, and Wedding Crashers... guess who won? the movie centered around two guys crashing wedding parties to have sex with the guests. and of course not much needs to be said about 40-year old virgin, and sin city. but seriosly look at how freakin far we have come. if you look at the trend on what is being allowed in movies, and tv, where are we headed? i am really asking.

and i am not calling for a special group to regulate this or for anyone to throw out their tv and stop going to movies, but really, where is it leading too? i dont have the answer and dont claim to. but whats gonna be on the big screen in 10 years? are comedies ever gonna be collectively funny without sex as a backdrop?

now please excuse me while i go back to hiding in my closet.


  • well as a student myself i do see how "pop culture" has almost taken over in schools, but i think that is just a phase for kids in trying to be accepted. i know a few guys and thats basically how their conversations go, they only talk by quotes or situations from movies, its entertaining to watch, but then i feel bad for them. but i still think there are plenty hilarious movies that dont use sex as their main punch. i guess those dont win the pop awards though...

    By Blogger jmvp1, at 10:18 PM  


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:20 PM  

  • lol yeah, not to pick on the girls, but on either facebook or myspace, like one out of everyfive beoches on there are flaunting boobs and or beer cups & cans, whats up with that? yeah you drank a beer one time... HOLY CRAP SOMEBODY PINCH MY ASS IT CANT BE TRUE! and i think every page on there is all about trendy bullshit that they cling on for dear life.

    By Blogger wookeyhole33, at 10:30 PM  

  • and by the way, i am not attacking ALL myspace, and facebook profiles, just 98% of them.
    and a little FYI for you guys, many employers are "googleing" potential employees when they apply for the job. i was listing to a talk radio program today that heard from several different large restuarant and large scale employer chains that said they use the applicants online profiles to judge weather or not they are the type of person that the company wants to employ. so whats in yours?

    By Blogger MICHAEL RUSHER, at 6:09 PM  

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