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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

well well well...

even though its been like 3 months since an update has been done, i figure it wont hurt to start agian and put this out there.
i feel like faith in general is being put to the test today. it seems that if you have religion with a belief in God then you are seen as weak. i say this because i am in a season now where i feel that my faith is continually being attacked by stereotypes and hypocracy. maybe i shouldnt take many things personally, but i feel the need to convince people that the change that has happened in my life is real, its the only realness i have, and i want people to understand exactly where i am coming from.
in the political realm, bush is continually criticised and lumped in with extremists that act in the name of Christianity. i do not and cant defend everything that he has done, cause its not ALL right but the stereotypes are not right and not fair at all. as if Christians are some irritating race of people that should be kept far away from normal people. i strongly support separation of church and state, but not separation of God and state. if a man believes in God, should that put ANY restrictions on him????


  • The thing is Christianity has some very loud, very obnoxious people who are borrowing the label and debasing it. Pat Robertson has turned off more people not only from Christianity, but from taking a certain kind of Christian seriously.

    I'm someone who believes in the values that created the West and inspired our Consitution. In the West we've enjoyed the fruits of a Universal Church, the fruits of rebellion from that Church through Martin Luther. We also have the mantel of Empiricism that gave rise to the value of objectivity, that there is an objective reality. That idea allowed us to leap frog past other civilizations in technology and ideas.

    The post-modernist, or I guess what
    you might call the radical academic subjectivist left, has been on the war path for two decade, trying to knock objectivity down. And now the assault on that branch of Western civilization is being assaulted from the traditionalists of the right.

    Recently, the attacks are coming from some very vocal Christians, (so vocal that they define how people experience a certain kind of Christianity) eager to banish objectivity and redefine science.

    It's too great a legacy to abandon. So pardon me if I am alarmed. I like electricity on demand, and I think a cure for cancer is a worthwhile goal. And the alternative is living like eskimos.

    By Blogger Greg Mills, at 2:07 PM  

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