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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Holy or not, who cares?

even though its old news by now i cant help but bring up those Prophet Muhammad cartoons that gained so much press for offending so many people. i hate to say it but Muslims may need to brace themselves for this kind of thing. look around at what america has done to Jesus. there are Jesus figurines, He is depicted as cartoon characters on several shows, south park prob the worste for that, and the symbol of the cross has pretty much lost all meaning to the average American citizen. Jesus is easily the most powerful name in all the world, our annual time table is based on him, yet He and His principles are degraded and trampled on openly everyday. do i believe its wrong? yes. but is it a constitutional right?? yes, and unfortunatley, human respect and compassion have nearly been lost at the cost of some people's audacity.


  • It's just as well. Polities are bad for religion.

    Theocracies have always corrupted communities of faith that favor them and are favored by them.

    Render unto Ceasar and all that stuff.

    By Blogger Greg Mills, at 4:09 PM  

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