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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Is this for real?

Are there really people as ignorant in this world as the women who has a problem with this sign? I guess so. I mean really, what the heck? This is the stupidist thing I've seen in a while. Apparently, the sign displayed on a Raleigh area McDonald's that says "Merry Christmas, Jesus is the reason for the season" has offended some lady that happens to be Jewish. Go figure. Now look, Im all for respecting other and their beliefs (such as this women) but come on lady, you make it so hard to respect you!

First of all, this is a privately owned business. That would be reason number one why this is perfectly legal and appropriate. Secondly, if this women is offended by the sign, dont look at it! Im offended every day by the things I see on TV. Im offended by seeing homosexuals display affection to one another in public. Im offended by people who deny the existance of God. Im offended by alot of things, but I dont go around telling folks they cant do what they are doing no matter how much I disagree with it. Instead, I turn the other way.

So where is all this going? This issue raises an interesting question. How far will our society go to be politically correct? Talk about seperation of church and state. Let me tell you something about seperation of church and state. I think the original purpose of this policy was not to serperate the church from the state (i.e. excluding the church from entering the state even in indirect ways which is ultimately impossible) but instead to keep the state from intereferring with the church. I mean after all, considering the reason this country was founded, that would seem to make much more sense. What would happen if this women got what she wanted? She wants to sign removed. Let's say the government were to step in and force the McDonald's to remove the sign. Now that would be a clear violation of the seperation of church and state. Whate ever happened to the idea of majority rules? It seems that in the current age of this great nation, the majority is bending over backwards to please to complaints of the minority.

Okay, final thought. Rock on McDonald's! Shoot, I think I might paint "Jesus is the reason for the season" across my forehead for the remainder of the month and see what people think of that! Im not here to stir up controversy or get people mad, but if what I do or say about my faith and my belief offends someone... oops, sorry. Get over it people!
Oh, and Merry Christmas!


  • i agree for mcdonald's to rock on. even though separation of church and state was never mentioned in the constitution or declaration of independence, there was always the idea of it. from my understanding though, america was founded because they didnt want to be told how and who to worship and what to believe in. originally it was to be the separation of the catholic church from the state. today, through the bill of rights and the rest of the amendments, the meaning of separation of church and state has taken on a slightly different meaning. now what it boils down to is that the government cant support of hold back any practiced religion. all it is is a large grey area up for interpretation by judges and lawmakers. This whole mcdonalds deal and how people dont like the name of JESUS is just like that retard and the long haired leftist liberal hippy communist judge that tried to get "in God we trust" out of the pledge of allegiance. this stuff makes me so mad i could say a curse word. but i wont.
    the truth is that most people say they believe in God but wont stand up for him, they would rather stay seated and comprimise their values, that they say they have but wont support. ITS TIME TO STAND UP! can i get a witness?

    By Blogger MICHAEL RUSHER, at 11:24 PM  

  • May I point out that a) the Puritans didn't practice freedom of religion upon arriving here. b) The Puritans, as well several Calvinist churches were pretty down on Christmas c) not all Christians celebrate Christmas on December 25th and d) a question: do you want your faith and relationship with God brought into the commercial arena?

    I dunno. The way I was brought up was my relationship with Christ and the church where I worship were transcendent things, away from the world. The world is a vale of suffering. It sucks. It's imperfect, and we all are all responsible for our own relationship with god. What does it matter if McDonald's does or doesn't glorify Him? It's just a sign. There's a human behind it, I guess, but a sign cannot be moved by the Spirit.

    (I'm Russian Orthodox by the way)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:18 AM  

  • "anonymous",
    i disagree with you on all of your points; a,b,and c. the puritans were practicing freedom of relgion by coming here, therefore it was impossible for them not to have been practicing it. however it is agreed that as the colonies grew, religious tolerance was not in effect, at least not obviously until the 1720's. second, i cannot find any evidence that even comes close to suggesting that the Puritans and especially Calvinists ever strayed away from closely observing the birthday of their saviour, Jesus Christ. third, the 25th is probably not the day that Jesus was born on 2006 years ago but, it is the day that was set aside to celebrate it. so we do with great joy. and i am so glad you asked this question,: "do you want your faith and relationship with God brought into the commercial arena?" i will gladly accept any chance i get to share my faith with one or several million people. preferably more than less. my faith is the only thing that is real in my life, the only thing that is guaranteed to never leave me. it is my source of strength and my source of hope, it is my everything, and if i got the chance to expose my faith for the glory of God, i would prayerfully except.
    and let me ask a question, if our relationship with Christ were to be kept away from the world, then would we truly be Christians, or would we live in a man made little Christian utopia filled with Christian bookstores and eateries? We are called to be the salt in a wound and the light in the darkness, this means a life of servanthood, not selfservanthood. and i agree with your last statements, i wish the desgruntled woman saw things your way.

    By Blogger MICHAEL RUSHER, at 12:22 AM  

  • As for what Anonymous said about not all Christians celebrate Christmas on the 25th of December, he [or she] is absolutely correct. Take for example the Eastern Orthodox Christians in Russia who celebrate Christmas on 31st December.
    Secondly, as for your question of "If our relationship with Christ were to be kept away from the world then would we truly be Christians?", honestly it is pretty difficult to consider what call themselves "Christians" in America to be real Christians, from the president on down to the fundamentalist preachers preaching about the "eeeevils" of liberals. I've read the entire Bible cover to cover and I'm working on it a second time around and I can tell you, basically anyone in this country who is a supporter of Bush and the "religious" right wing is certainly not fit to be called a Christian. Consider: America's pseudo-Christians favor the death penalty; wheras Christ taught us forgiveness, turn the other cheek. There's no way Jesus would support the death penalty, period. The Bushite pseudo-Christians favor a war of aggression against a country that was doing nothing to provoke us [Iraq]; it goes without saying that Christ would NOT support a war of aggression. The leader of the Bushite pseudo-Christians, George W. Bush, has lied countless times, just about everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie. Basically, if Bush says it's raining outside only a fool would put on a raincoat without first looking out the window for themselves, but yet all we hear from the "religious" right wing is what an "upstanding", "moral" man Bush is; wheras Christ never lied and will never approve of lying under ANY circumstances. The Bushite pseudo-Christians favor an endless series of tax cuts for the wealthiest 1% of the population, which hurts the poor and working class in TWO ways, one by shifting the tax burden more and more onto the middle class and working poor, and two, by starving the federal government of revenue meaning vital social programs that help the poorest among us have to be slashed to death because they aren't taking in enough money to pay for them; wheras Christ always taught us to HELP the poorest among us. Remember the story of the rich man who heard one of Christ's sermons and approached Him to ask how could he help Jesus in His cause? Jesus told him to first go home and give away all his possessions to the poor, and come back to see Him; the rich man slinked away never to cross paths with Jesus again. Face it, Jesus Christ is a liberal, and a very left-wing one at that, favoring real wealth redistribution. Do you think He LIKES to look down and see the vast disparity between rich and poor? Do you think He likes to see a tiny handful of people eating fillet mignon and caviar while people a few blocks away are living under a bridge freezing to death? Come on now, it is high time for the pseudo-Christian "religious" right wing in this country to stop hiding behind a Bible most of them haven't even read and start calling themselves what they really are: fascists.

    By Anonymous enlightenment, at 7:28 PM  

  • i am glad that my random posts have attracted new attention thanks for reading!
    go back and read that i never said anything about how the 25th should be the day people celebrate Christmas. a few days makes no difference, it the principle.
    let me ask who are you? who are you to judge how real "most" Christians are. If you read any of what Jesus taught in the new testement you would have a clue. and let me remind you that there is a difference between turning the other cheek, and getting walked on and compromising. As for me, i will not be walked on and nothing will make me compromise what i believe. this is because i owe my life, my whole life, everything that i am to Jesus. this is the only thing that i know is real.
    Any preacher that preaches politics is way out of line and i am sorry to read that this is what you think about some of them.

    let me ask agian? WHO ARE YOU TO JUDGE WHO IS TRULY A CHRISTIAN? and how do get off writing of Jesus' political stance? one thing i know is that you are way out of line.

    the only things i read that you wrote about bush are accusations. let me ask, are these things that you actually looked into, or did you just hear them from someone else. you sound like those people that john stewart and steven colbert interview on their show, in that, you are full of pointing out problems and criticism, but you offer no solutions and no hope. have you ever had to sit down and read complaints? or do you just write them?

    "Jesus would never support the death penalty." ... He spent his small time on earth changing hearts, not laws.

    now to the tax cuts, my favorite part, unfortunatly this is an area where most people including yourself, need to take off the vail from over your eyes. the few tax cuts that benefit the wealthy are mearly a grain of sand in the wide array of tax cuts that were proposed and are in effect. are you aware that these cuts were proposed back in 2001 (all of the income tax cuts, the marriage penalty tax cut, and the child tax credit) and the only reason you hear about it now is because bush is trying to make them permenant so they will not expire on the set date in 2010. he is fighting right now for a new cut that will delete the irs and federal income tax and replace it with a flat tax, with people in lower income tax brackets getting monthly refunds.
    bush supports this because america waists $300 billion a year in tax preparation and expenses.
    but most people who share your views choose to look over the good and focus on the bad.

    and the fact that you call Jesus a liberal completely discredits everything that you wrote, and will write if you really believe that. most christians do this and most christians do that, and are fascists? here is a link,, now go look up fascism. now go back and read in my other post that explains how separation of church and state is a good idea. please if anyone else wants to write about things that they believe to be true about the government, go find some factual ground to stand on and stop conforming to the trendy ways of complaining about bush. he beat kerry, so take your bumber sticker off and move on with your life.

    By Blogger MICHAEL RUSHER, at 10:27 PM  

  • Not going to church on Sunday would land you in the stocks. Not exactly condoning freewill and freedom of conscience.

    Although the Puritans came to Massachusetts for religious freedom, they were not tolerant of any religion other than theirs. Pilgrims, as well as Anglicans, Quakers, and a handful of other denominations were grudgingly accepted in the Puritan communities for a time. Then Quakers were banned, and in 1660 four were hanged on Boston Common.

    The colonies of Rhode Island and Connecticut were founded by religious refugees from Massachusetts.

    As for the Puritans and Christmas: in Scotland, John Knox forbade the celebration of the holiday and banned in 1562. During Oliver Cromwell's Puritanical theocracy, the English parliment banned the celebration of Christmas in 1644. As the declaration put it, "an extraeme forgetfulnesse of Christ, by giving liberty to carnall and sensual delights." Sheriffs were sent out to keep shops open. There were riots.

    In 1659, the General Court of Massachusetts colony banned the celebration of Christmas and other such holidays at the same time it banned gambling and other lawless behavior, grouping all such behaviors together. The court placed a fine of five shillings on anyone caught feasting or celebrating the holiday in another manner.

    Increase Mather wrote:
    "The generality of Christmas-keepers observe that festival after such a manner as is highly dishonourable to the name of Christ. How few are there comparatively that spend those holidays (as they are called) after an holy manner."

    The current celebration of Christmas is hugely informed by Charles Dickens and Currier and Ives. It's insane how much popular culture is intertwinned with Christmas as popularly celebrated.

    As for the date Russian Orthodox celebrate Christmas, it's actually January 7th.

    And to your point about not sharing Christ with the world, I'm not sure I said that, or maybe I'm misunderstanding you.

    I think if you look at history, Christians have done well without McDonald's signs. And I feel like I carry my own little Christian utopia inside of me: it's my faith. Maybe it's because I grew up in a quiet sect, but I think the result of mixing commerciality and the Word is the watering down the Word.

    We as human create these institutions to provide our earthly needs. They imperfect empty things. We can't embed objects with faith, even if you use 400 point Interstate Bold. I can't show a McDonald's sign to a man who can't read and expect him to enter grace. And frankly, that little slogan is so glib and without context, it might as well be "Filet-O-Fish, .99" for as much thought and reflection it might lead to in the heart of a non-believer. It seems to me that that sign exists for the benefit of believers and the ego of the franchise owner.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:09 PM  

  • i agree with the first few chapters of your history book, you forget to mention that the ban ended in 1681 and was originally put in place because of what it had become in England. i think we can both agree that Christmas is here to stay in America, at least for the foreseeable future. As Christians, we now share this celebration with a secular culture of shopping, parties and giftgiving. What the culture does with Christmas is beyond our control. What we do control, however, is how we honor this holy season ourselves.

    and i reiterate that the physical date is nothing compared to the meaning.

    and please leave me out of your stereotypes of Christians and even as Humans. i do not celebrate Christmas to fill any empty hole or need. i celebrate it because of what Jesus has done for me and you, because Jesus gave his life on the cross for all of the sins of mankind. so i choose to celebrate his birth. even though i am not really sure what exact date it happened, i still choose to honor Him.

    and i think you should go back and read the post that introduced the Mcdonalds sign. it was all about how some lady had a problem with "Jesus is the reason for the season" and she wanted it taken down. there is no legal way to make him take the sign down period. and me and one other guy think its awesome to see a Christian standing up for what he believes in, which is not all that common in public. im not sure but i dont think that the sign was designed to bring someone to Christ, this is the job that Christians are to do.

    can i get a witness?

    By Blogger MICHAEL RUSHER, at 9:51 PM  

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