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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Happy New Year!

well guys and gals, i just got back home after an awesome Christmas time family tour and its been great. the highlight of this season was a talk that i had with my father and i want to share it with everyone!
so we got into a conversation about making a difference and fighting for a cause. and i have to admit, sometimes i second guess what my purpose is and why i am here. thankfully God continues to send his word to me one way or another and most of the time when i dont even expect it. so i was just telling my father how the odds stack up and how it can be overwhelming sometimes. we were in the house where i grew up standing in the kitchen and he went to the fridge and pulled out a carrot and an egg. then he went over to the cabinet and pulled out a bag of coffee beans. he gathered them together and asked me what happens to them when they are cooked. of course i said how carrots get mushy and eggs get hard boiled and whole coffee beans would make nasty coffee. then i started to get the point. he continued by saying how all three are changed by boiling hot water and each are uniquely affected. he asked me which one i would be carrot egg or coffee. which one would you all be? the carrot when its faced with trials and pain softens. the egg hardens. but the coffee bean, the coffee not only changes the color of the boiling water, it changes the taste and smell. i was amazed at how deep this really was, then my dad told me that his pastor told the story on sunday and he wanted to pass it on.
but what a great question this poses...
when you are put in a life changing situation, do you change or compromise, or do you make the best of it and rise above?


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