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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

answer the call

just a quick story,
i was in the heart of downtown atlanta last night on business and was sitting in my hotel room and decided that i needed some fresh air. i went downstairs and out into the cold and started on my way down the block. i got to the en of the first block and a man asked me for a few dollars. i told him i didnt have any, and he continued to walk with me for some reason. he just started telling me about the area and what each building was. he told me that he needed 5 dollars to get into the shelter and get some food. we kept walking and he continued his tour of the city. we talked about everything, from my hometown Wilmington, to his ex girlfriends. it was awesome. we came accross a 24 hr diner and i tried to by him dinner, and when he did not accept, i knew he wasnt really hungry. i even offered to go up to the shelter and get him in there, and agian he made an excuse. on the walk back i asked him to tell me a few things that he was struggling with in his life. he told me he needed more hours from the working pool that he went to and that he needed to pray more. i could see the tired look in his eyes, not from sleep, but from life. the whole time i felt the Holy Spirit tugging on my heart to pray with him, not for him, with him. by this time i realized it was 230 am and i had to get up in a few hours. we prayed right out front of the hotel. it was awesome. he is a 38 year old black man, he has tattoos on both arms and tears inked on his face, his name is Tommy, but everyone knows him as Red. he goes to several of the area churches in the downtown area, and knows all the people out on the streets. i made him a promise before i went back in; that i would pray for him everytime i thought about him. reader please join me, because his faith was unlike mine, and he viewed God differently than i did, but we agreed on one thing. it was that prayer was the only thing that CHANGED my life and prayer was the only thing that CAN CHANGE his life. can, i get a witness?


  • You could have changed his life by giving him fifty bucks and a place to sleep. I'm just saying. To assuage your feelings that you might be helping a crackhead, you could have thought of it as a fee for his insightful tour of the neighborhood. Then prayed with him.

    Just a thought.

    By Blogger Greg Mills, at 7:35 PM  

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    By Blogger MICHAEL RUSHER, at 9:29 PM  

  • hey, im am sorry to read that you wayyyyyyy missed the point here. and 50 bucks is a whole lot of money to me, but maybe not to you. and in my defense, tommy had a place to stay, in a shelter, which he showed to me. i believe that i could make a difference in his life by praying with him, and i believe that i did and i will continue to do so by praying for him still. and i believe that this was the best way to go about the situation i was in, and in terms you can relate to,

    "each and every individual is equally, fully, and substantively entitled to the Pursuit of Happiness."
    i was trying to help him on his way the best way i could.

    By Blogger MICHAEL RUSHER, at 12:51 AM  

  • wooooooord up brotha mike! i believe you did the right thing in that situation...there is more power in prayer than $50, 100, or even 1,000,000 could ever hope to bring...i'll join in with you in prayin for red...wish i coulda been there with you...

    By Blogger JDub, at 2:34 AM  

  • Three biblical perspectives on my point of view (several months later!)

    In the Parable of the Good Samaritan
    Jesus makes the point that the Neighbor in the parable was the Samaritan, who helped the robbery victim and gave him aid and the funds so that he might recuperate at an inn. Meanwhile, the people who should have helped the man out of tribal (the Levite) or religious (the priest) obligation did not, while his erstwhile enemy, the Samaritan did. So the Samaritan was his neighbor.

    There's the Old Testament story of Abraham and Sarah welcoming three strangers into their tent and offered them food and drink. Afterwards it becomes apparent that the strangers were the Father and two angels.

    In the New Testament story of the Road to Emmaus, the resurrected Jesus appears to two disciples who do not recognize him, and it is when they offer this stranger they have encountered on the road safety, food and lodging for the night that their eyes are opened and they realize this stranger is the Risen Christ.

    The prayer makes an appearance as service and good works.

    By Blogger Greg Mills, at 2:03 PM  

  • wayy later, but glad to have you back greg, i see you over in moxie's blog alot, i like it over there, so many posts... i dont dissagree with the stories you discribed.

    since i was unable to handle the situation as you brashly described, i did exactly what Jesus taught, to love him. when the pharasees asked Jesus what the greatest commandment was he answered love God with all your heart and love each other.

    when you connect with someone in prayer it changes everyone involved. red was quietly crying as i was praying for him, and after i finished he began praying for me. the bible repetedly emphasizes the power of prayer. my whole life is based on these powerful moments when i was confronted with situations, and prayed and watched God work in my life. this is what makes life real to me and reveals my purpose. what jesus said is most important in life is often the most hard thing to do, which is love.

    By Blogger MICHAEL RUSHER, at 11:42 PM  

  • Can't argue with that. Hope you're blessed with plenty of opportunities to show love to your neighbor.

    We seem to need it these days.

    By Blogger Greg Mills, at 3:03 PM  

  • I just wanted to say that I thought what you did was very Christ like. What our world needs more of is God's love and the time and quality of care you gave this man by listening to him was worth more than money can buy.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:11 AM  

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